Beginners Yoga

These classes will offer our students time to begin to explore their body and breath. You will move through foundational yoga poses (asanas) and begin the practice of mindful breathing (pranayama) in an attempt to turn your thoughts off and focus your attention inward. Modifications will be offered to fit your unique body structure; if you have any concerns about being able to practice do not hesitate to contact me!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This class will be offered to students familiar with yoga and ready to go deeper into their asanas and pranayama practice. This energetic vinyasa flow class will allow you to flow and “dance” around your mat – gaining strength, flexibility, focus, and body awareness. Modifications and variations on poses will be offered for different levels of intermediate to advanced yogis!

Private Classes

Private Restorative sessions are also offered to give you the time to support yourself in various restful poses while receiving manual adjustments to help you relax deeper in a pose and slow down the nervous system. In these Mia will talk you through a few poses that are held for longer periods of time and you are completely supported in. Once comfortable a manual adjustment can be offered to further help relax the muscles and the mind.

Are you interested in trying yoga, but nervous or anxious to be a class setting? Do you have a variety of medical conditions and are unsure about how you need to modify poses to participate in a class setting? This might be the perfect option to show you how accessible yoga can be to all bodies and allow you to create your own practices that feel amazing for your body.

Contact me here for more information about a private session.

Current Programs:

Virtual All Levels yoga class via Zoom

Join us every Wednesday morning from 9:00 am – 10:00 am for a gentle flow vinyasa class, guiding you through a sequence of poses. Modifications will be offered throughout class to make poses accessible to all bodies!

Meeting ID: 752 8923 2276

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