Physical Therapy

All physical therapy services are cash-based and offered on a sliding scale to accommodate all financial stages of life. Health insurance and doctor’s referral are not required to begin services. Please reach out for more information on pricing or any other questions about starting services!

Kinesiotape Quickie  –   $ 5

15-minute assessment to apply tape as needed and teach you about how to perform taping techniques on your own!

Rock Climber’s Mobility Assessment   –   $40

Working on improving your mobility for your projects this year? This one-on-one session will give you baseline values of your shoulder, hip, and spine mobility; it includes climbing specific mobility measurements that are correlated with climbing ability and a Functional Movement Screen (FMS). You will get a set of exercises to help improve your strength and mobility for an easier send!

Orthotics Evaluation  –   $200

This includes an evaluation of the foot and ankle, casting of the foot for custom fit Sole Supports orthotics, as well as gait (walking) assessment. Sole Supports is different than other custom orthotics in that they support your foot throughout the entire gait cycle and any modifications needed to fit foot deformities (i.e. bunions, hammer toes, etc.) are built in to the orthotic with the original mold.

           Additional orthotics can be ordered at any later date for $125. 

Payments can be made in cash, check, or via Venmo @RoamYogaFLX.