Nasal Cycle + Brain Activity

Do you sometimes feel like you are having really productive/ logical days and other times more creative social days? There is a science behind that!

The side of our brain that is active alternates throughout the day (ultradian rhythm) and has been connected to our nasal cycle! The nasal cycle is a period of congestion in one nostril with decongestion in the other nostril. It typically peaks around 4 hours and can last up to 8 hours per side. In people with neurological disorders it can be significantly longer and can have a side preference!

When our right nostril is decongested our left hemisphere is more active and we can feel …verbal skills left hemi

Conversely, when our left nostril is decongested our right hemisphere is more excitable and we may be… spatial skills right hemi

We can check in on what nostril is dominant by taking a pause and breathing in and out of the nose or tune in a little deeper with alternate nostril breathing!

Sometimes our nasal cycles may not match our plans, but at least you can find comfort that EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY! Use your cycle by focusing on activities that align with what hemisphere is engaged.

Check out our instagram @roam_yoga_physio for a video on how to perform alternate nostril breathing!

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