Schedule Changes

Due to recent internal changes at Lifespan Therapies, Roam Yoga is no longer able to offer our regular classes there. I am currently looking at other studio space options and hope to be able to find something that flows with my current schedule. Will keep this updated, once we find a space. In the meantime, please join us at the Interfaith Center for Action and Healing on Thursday nights from 6:00 – 7:00 pm for a beginner’s flow.

New classes coming to Lansing!

Roam yoga will begin offering another beginner’s class at The Interfaith Center for Action and Healing located at 1939 East Shore Drive, Lansing, NY. This slow paced class will take the time to guide yogi’s through each pose and offer modifications to make class accessible to all bodies.

Classes will begin on Thursday February 28th, 2019 and take place every Thursday at 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

Check out more about The Interfaith Center for Action and Healing here; they are helping create more collective spaces were people can feel safe and supported to make the personal transformation they desire.

Taking the Plunge

We got hooked on our scheduling application, Aquity, please use the links scattered around the site and here to sign up for classes.

** If you do not sign up for class and the attendance is low, it may be canceled and you will not receive any notification. However, if you are signed up for class and it is canceled, you WILL receive an email confirmation. I really would love for no one to show up to an empty room 🙏🏽

Scheduling Changes

We have changed the time for our all level’s class. It will now be every Thursday morning at 8:45 -9:45 am.


We have been exploring various way to ensure we have enough student’s for class. The previous scheduling application in use will no longer work your us. You may continue to confirm your attendance to class via our Facebook events.

If the attendance is too low – less than two to three students, you will receive some form of contact (facebook, email, or phone call) that class has been canceled.

Thank you for your patience while we explore all of our options to make signing up for class simple and stress free!

Short Hiatus

I will be taking a little vacation to visit my family, mountains, sunshine, and water in California from February 14th to the 21st. The following classes will be cancelled:

  • Intermediate class on 2/14
  • Beginner’s class on 2/20
  • Intermediate class on 2/21

See you back on your mats for the beginner’s class on 2/27!

Thanksgiving week classes cancelled.

Please work on some self practice as the upcoming holiday season can be stressful and this is just the beginning for some. Pranayama, breath work, can be a simple and amazing way to focus your attention inward as well as decrease blood pressure and heart rate, some of the main physiological effects of stress. Enjoy your thanksgiving holiday and see you next week!

New Intermediate Class!

2CE0E6EC-6A1A-4CD3-9CE9-F3BE9833AC94-1682-0000013F41AC3D3EI am so excited to announce I will begin offering an intermediate class on wednesday nights from 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm. Modifications will always be offered and everything is always optional! Can’t wait to meet you at your mat this Wednesday 10/18/17!

Mindfully decreasing Chronic Pain


The first thing to understand when talking about pain, is what the heck is it? Pain is a physical, cognitive, and emotional reaction to a stimulus that you perceive as dangerous. This shows that not only are there multiple ways that you may respond to pain, but your unique perception of what is dangerous also plays a role. So the question is… can you decrease your pain simply by being more mindful?

The evidence supporting mindfulness and meditation is mostly made of lower level evidence with small sample sizes, but the results all show that it can decrease depression, which is a common comorbidity of chronic pain, and it can improve pain levels as well as quality of life. Persons who participated in mindfulness based programs also were more familiar with their reactions to pain and were able to use this information to stop projecting past pain experiences onto current or future pain experiences, allowing them to alter maladaptive attitudes towards pain. These participants were also able to recognize warning signs that precede flare-ups, decrease self-blame, and feel stronger connections between their body and mind.

Now comes the test of becoming more mindful, which can be an intimidating task. The first way to you begin, is being present. What does that mean? Choose a task or object to send your attention to and do just that; when other thoughts enter your mind, recognize them as stressors and then gently return to your focus. Regulating your attention has been shown to create more generous acceptance of yourself and reduce anticipation of pain. The next thing you may practice is body awareness; you may do this by performing body scans, progressive muscle relaxation, or yoga. Body awareness has helped persons with chronic pain control muscle tension, interpret body sensations more acutely and accurately, appropriately pace themselves throughout the day, and adjust their posture to prevent pain. The final technique that incorporates mindfulness is emotional regulation; this means to let go of any attachments or aversions you have to a situation or object, approaching events with compassionate non-judgement. Emotional regulation has not only shown to decrease pain, but also reduce anxiety and depression.

Interested in practicing mindfulness, but intimidated to do it alone? Roam Yoga is offering Yoga classes every Tuesday morning at 8:15 am at Lifespan Therapies, PLLC. Want to try meditation in the comfort of your own home, try out One Giant Mind or other meditation apps accessible to your smart phone.

Gearing up!

Just received our brand new mats, blocks, and straps today and are ready to put them to use! So excited to begin our first four week long beginners program, Building your Foundation on July 17th, 2017. To sign up, contact us with your basic info and express your interest.